Caring for your Mandala Leather

Caring For Your MANDALA Leather

Care For Your MANDALA Leather

Your Mandala leather piece has been lovingly created using the best quality luxe cowhide or sheep skin leather available.

Over time the hide may shorten in areas that are subject to regular friction which is a natural progression of the hide and adds to the character of your bag/wallet and is in no way a fault of the hide.

Please consider this prior to purchase and avoid harsh treatment of your hide to ensure your leather piece lasts a long time. Every piece is unique, especially the hide pieces as the fur can have multi directional hair variations and colour.

To remove any loose dirt please brush hide gently with a soft brush in the direction of the hair. A damp cloth can also be used to wipe over fur but do not wet and be very gentle with this process.

Leather designs can be wiped over with a damp cloth and when required a quality leather cleaner to remove built up dirt. Please try to limit this cleaning to twice a year.

Care For Your MANDALA Suede

It is recommended to use a reputable suede protectant to repel dirt or stains. Please apply protectant first to the inside in a small inconspicuous area to ensure there is no undesirable colour change prior to using on complete garment. For any heavy soiling professional cleaning is recommended.

Our Leather

All our leather is ethically sourced in Indonesia and crafted by local talented artisans that pride themselves on beautiful workmanship. We work closely with our Indonesian families who are happy, loving, hardworking people that are grateful to be creating for us and are now enabled to create better lifestyles for themselves and their families through fair pay.

 The returns policy for our Mandala range can be found here